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Fonds of archives


Number of funds: 1300 funds, 1 006 209 units


Chronological period: from 1917 till up to date (some documents are related to XVII, the close of the XIX the beginning of the XX centuries).


Territorial coverage:

  • former Vilno,Vitebsk, Grodno, Minsk, Mogilev, Smolensk provinces of the Russian Empire
  • western Belarus as a part of Poland
  • Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR)
  • Republic of Belarus


Funds structure:


The documents stored in the archives embrace all aspects of political, social, economic and cultural life of the republic. They reflect historical events, stages of society and state development, struggle of working people for establishment and strengthening of the Soviet power, events of civil and the Great patriotic wars, restoration and development of the national economy, cultural development, life of outstanding political and state figures and people who made a valuable contribution to science, culture and art.


The period on the eve of the Great October Socialist revolution is illustrated in the records of chancelleries of province and district commissars, land, food and social committees, food boards and other institutions and organizations of the Provisional bourgeois government on the territory of Belarus.


The struggle of Belarusian people against German invaders, intention of working people to preserve union with Russia, first steps towards socialist development on the unoccupied territory of the Western region are illustrated in the funds of Western region institutions and organizations (1918) and in the funds of the Belarusian National Commissariat (1918-1919).


Legislation, principles, forms and methods of the government control over development of the national economy, social, cultural and state development are represented in funds of the superior authority the Central Executive Committee of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR), Supreme Soviet Presidium of the BSSR, the Council of People's Commissars - Council of Ministers of the BSSR, Permanent Mission of the BSSR under the USSR Government.


The archives holds funds of law and order, justice agencies (People's Commissariat of Justice of the BSSR - the Ministry of Justice of the BSSR, the Superior Court of the BSSR, the Prosecutor's Office of the BSSR and the State Court of Arbitration under the Council of Ministers of the BSSR).


Funds of the Ministry of the automobile transport of the BSSR, the Principal Highway Administration under the Council of Ministers of the BSSR, the Administration of the Belorussian railway, the Principal Administration of the inland water transport under the Council of Ministers of the BSSR, the Belarusian Administration of the civil aviation contain various information concerning development of transport in the BSSR.


Development of mail service, telegraph and telephone communication, radio communication, radio and television broadcasting in the republic is illustrated in records of the Ministry of Communications of the BSSR, State Committee on television and radio broadcasting of the BSSR .


The state of public education is illustrated in records of the People's Commissariat of education of the BSSR, the Ministry of education of the BSSR, the Ministry of the higher and specialized secondary education and institutions of higher education.


Development of art and culture in the BSSR is illustrated in funds of the Ministry of culture of the BSSR, State Committee on cinema under the Council of Ministers, the Committee on Art Affairs and the Committee on Affairs of cultural and educational institutions under the Council of Ministers of the BSSR.


Issues of organization and development of health care are revealed in records of People's Commissariat of Health Care - Ministry of Health of the BSSR.


There are also funds of trade unions and social institutions, political movements and parties in the archives.


Records concerning  the Great Patriotic War are represented in funds of the Belarusian Headquarters of Partisan Movement, partisan brigades and groups, the Commission for Issue of Certificate "Partisan of Belarus", the Belarusian Central Commission for Investigation and Detection Nazi crimes and Estimation of Caused harm, the Great Patriotic War Commission under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bolsheviks of Belarus, Minsk Clandestine Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Bolsheviks of Belarus. In addition the archives holds collection of front-line soldiers letters, leaflets, newspapers and posters of party, komsomol and anti-fascist organizations and partisan groups of Belarus and also collections of microfilms of documents holding in foreign archives. Resistance of population to Nazi invaders is illustrated in funds of the higher party, soviet, war and komsomol organizations, local clandestine party and komsomol organizations.


Records of the occupation during the Great patriotic War are represented by funds of the Nazi occupation administration, local self-government agencies and their regional departments, military organizations, policy and structures fulfilling its functions, judicial authority, prosecutors supervision, rendering legal assistance, registration of population agencies, agencies of economic development of occupied territories, housing and communal services of entities, organisations of public education, informational and propagandistic, public organizations that worked legally during occupation, professional, scientific and cultural associations.


Funds of the Principal Committees of the Belarusian Communist Party and Lenin's Young Communist League of Belarus contain records that illustrate issues of party development and struggle within it, party and komsomols activities concerning administration of public authority agencies, public and youth organizations, national economy, culture, science, health, clandestine and partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War, ideological, political, educational, military and defensive work among population. Staff records (lists, mandates, certificates, questionnaires, files of enrolment and reinstatement in the Party, personal files and files of appeal) are also held in archives funds. History and activity of the Communist Party of the Western Belarus are reflected in records of the Central Committee Mission of the Communist Party of Western Belarus under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus.


Records of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus from 1992 up to 1996 reflect the legislative process of development, discussion and consideration of laws, codes, intergovernmental agreements of the Republic of Belarus that regulated political and economic life in sovereign republic.


A separate group is represented by personal funds. The archives holds funds of party, state and public figures  (Masherov P. M., Kisiljov T. Ia., Aksenov A. N., Sljunkov N. N., Pritytski S. O., Mazurov K. T., Avhimovich N. E., Vetrov I. D., Klimov I. F., Lobanok V. E., Surganov F. A., Papkov F. E., Snezhkova N. L., Poljakov I. E., Shushkevich S. S., Zetjukov M. A., Smirnov V. S., etc.), Belorussian scientists and scholars (Fedorov F. I., Aleksandrov N. N., Gudimov B. S., Dominikovski F. N., Kancher E. S., Kopysski E. U., Sikorski V. M., Chepko V. V., Chimburg I. S., Trusov O. A., etc.).


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