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Inquiry-informational fund


Inquiry-informational fund of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus is the main book depository in the field of archival science, scientific discipline of documentation and study of early texts. There are about 4 thousand printed publications in Russian and foreign languages, 643 copies of methodical manuals and guidelines, 1 200 copies of National register of legal documents of the Republic of Belarus and rare magazine publications in the fund.


Among them are:


1. Bibliographical manuals (indexes, reviews) concerning archival activity, office work, documentation management and archival activity abroad, dictionaries of modern archival terminology.


2. Directions, guidelines, tutorial for office work, guidelines for forming files, preparing them for storing, exemplary and standard list of files, methodical manuals for documentation citizens’ applications.

3. Documents and manuals concerning history and development of archival activity:

- methodical guidance in theory and practice of archival activity, providing safety of documents, organization of their application and scientific and reference means for them;
-directions for acquisition, examination of value and selection documents for state storing;
- lists of documents;
- guides;
- interarchival and short reference books concerning state archives and their funds;
- reference book concerning history of administrative and territorial division;
- methodical guidelines for preparation of guides and archival reference books to edition.

4. Tutorial and collection of documents devoted to study (and publication) of early texts, scientific and methodical learning aid concerning detection, selection, publication specificity and edition of archival documents.


5. Work rules of state archives, methodical guidelines for labour rate fixing in archival institutions, price for rendered services, methodical guidelines for unification of digitization and identification of documents in hard-copy form.

The archives keep unique collection of newspapers issued from 1917 to 1941, newspapers issued on the occupied territory during the Great patriotic war, partisan units’ newspapers, poster production of Nazi-invaders.

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