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Reading Room


Its required for work in the reading hall:

 application, your photo (3/4) and ID paper (passport).


For students and postgraduates - letter of referral from university, photo (3/4), passport.


For organizations - letter of referral from organization, photo (3/4), passport.


For private individuals application, photo (3/4), passport.




Working hours:

Tuesday-Thursday: 9.00-20.00             

Friday: 9.00-18.00

Saturday: 9.00-15.00

Monday cleanup day

Sunday day off


Working hours during summer time

(from 1st of June to 1st of September):

Monday-Thursday: 9.00-17.30

Friday: 9.00-16.15

Saturday, Sunday days off.

220114, Nezavisimosti Ave. 116
Minsk, Belarus
Reading Hall: tel. (017) 351-05-12
Reception: tel/fax (017) 272-67-78
Department for the Use of Documents and Information: tel. (017) 272-29-52